Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday John!

It's Man's 70th Birthsday.
So, hear nice radio session from 1984.

John Cale 05.02.1984 BFBS Studio

01. Interview [03:34]
02. Streets of Laredo [03:25]
03. Interview [04:34]
04. Buffalo Ballet [04:56]
05. Interview [03:14]
06. Child`s Christmas in Wales [03:45]
07. Interview [07:15]
08. Heartbreak Hotel [07:37]
09. Interview [00:51]
10. Close Watch [02:57]
11. Interview [00:37]
12. Where`s There a Will [03:34]
13. Interview [02:00]
14. Hedda Gabler [05:01]
15. Interview [06:24]
16. Waiting for the Man [05:13]
total [1:04:56]

And some recent re-uploads:
Sweet Sister Ray
John Cale 30.08.1983 Sydney
John Cale 05.03.2010 London


Anonymous said...

happy birthday, john !

one of the greatest ever !

Anonymous said...

Gone already?????

Azbest said...

Active again

Erica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erica said...

Hello! You can provide the albums of Aleksandr Vertinsky, especially Chansons d'amour? They are very hard to find. Thank you.

Azbest said...

Sorry, i don't have it

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