Sunday, January 27, 2008

Guts - John Cale 30.08.1983 Sydney

Sydney concert is from tour promoting Cale's 1983 album "Caribbean Sunset". Completely brilliant performance. It's only Cale, piano and choice of his best songs (among them my personal favourite - "Paris 1919"). Music is very emotional. Sometimes touching and sometimes throbbing from his shrieks.
Even if You don't like Cale's solo works, listen to this. It have absolutely stunning performance of The Velvet Underground standard "I'm Waiting for the Man". Probably best version i ever heard (not counting "The Velvet Underground & Nico" one of course). And i heard a lot of covers of this song.
Haunting "Hertbreak Hotel" is a outstanding cover of Elvis song. So rearranged it's hard to guess who was original performer.

John Cale's official website
great fansite

John Cale 30.08.1983 Sydney

01. Intro [0:30]
02. Riverbank [3:25]
03. Paris 1919 [3:57]
04. Guts [3:20]
05. Chinese Envoy [3:55]
06. Taking It All Away [2:40]
07. I'm Waiting for the Man [4:55]
08. Fear is a Man's Best Friend [4:31]
09. Heartbreak Hotel [4:53]
10. Close Watch [2:33]
11. Outro [0:24]
total [35:03]


Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't wanna die, so thanks so much for the great live Cale post. Great sound quality. Those who are unfamiliar would be well-advised to give this a listen.

Anonymous said...

Saw Cale (and taped the show) at an excellent, but unfortunately short-lived MI venue that in its brief lifespan also featured Cornelius, Boredoms, and some other remarkable talents, in the latter 90s. The Boredoms gig was PHENOMENAL, but the Cale concert was quite good, too.

Anonymous said...

Good post.

George Loukakis said...

Great blog. Can you upload this gig again? (the link is dead). Thanks.

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