Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 46 - Something Like Elvis

Something Like Elvis was founded in Szubin in 1994 (name is inspired by David Lynch movie "Wild at Heart"). Band's music was explosive mixture of hardcore (or even post-hardcore) and noise rock. First album "Personal Vertigo" was released in 1997 with enthusiasticall reception among music press and listeners. Band toured in Europe with such bands as Nomeansno and Fugazi.
In 1999 second album "Shape" was released. Third album "Cigarette Smoke Phantom", released in 2002 was more mellow down and into post-rock. Band split-up year later. Ex-members founded two bands: Contemporary Noise Quintet (later Quartet and now Sextet) and Potty Umbrella.

Something Like Elvis MySpace page
Contemporary Noise Quintet MySpace page and official page
Potty Umbrella MySpace page and official page

Something Like Elvis "Personal Vertigo" [1997]

01. Red River [06:56]
02. Leticia [03:43]
03. Future Sport [05:39]
04. Scared Man [05:34]
05. Dad (Nomeansno cover) [03:01]
06. Holy Wars [07:20]
07. Love [02:04]
total [34:17]

Friday, November 28, 2008

Rowland S. Howard and Hugo Race 21.12.1988 Melbourne

Another Rowland S. Howard's set. This time from Melbourne 21.12.1988. At that night he played with Hugo Race (earlier: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Wreckery; later in Hugo race and the True Spirit).

Rowland S. Howard 21.12.1988 Melbourne

01. Intro [02:35]
02. Marry Me (Lie, Lie) [05:57]
03. Hide [04:04]
04. Wedding Hotel [05:12]
05. Morning Dew [04:49]
06. Lonesome Town [04:26]
07. Ho-Ho [04:11]
08. One in Shadow, One in Sun [07:18]
total [38:31]

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 45 - Za Siódmą Górą

Za Siódmą Górą (Over the Seventh Mountain) is project of Wojcek Czern - owner of the OBUH Records label. He is only member - other musicians are just guests. As Wojcek said: "It's alchemic music, searching for philosopher's stone. It's not about music, it's instrument to transfer my feelings". Za Siódmą Górą was established in mid eighties. In early nineties band released come singles and tapes. Band experimented with minimal music and ritualistic industrial.
First proper album was recorded in 1994 and released in 1996 as "Muzyka jakiej świat nie widzi". Great esoteric ambient with industrial and minimal influences. It remainds me late Coil works.
After that band was silent for few years, and finally in novemeber 2008 new album "Rogalów - piosenki ku pokrzepieniu serc" was released. Music is very different from earlier works but still great.

Za Siódmą Górą "Muzyka jakiej świat nie widzi" / "Music The World Does Not See" [1996]

01. Power [08:45]
02. Bruno inicjowany / Bruno Initiates [09:30]
03. Smok do Pacyfika w tym świecie okrutnym / Smok to Pacyfik in This Cruel World [07:39]
04. Drip-Drop [05:03]
05. Over the Seventh Mountain [09:07]
06. Resurrecturis [11:31]
total [51:35]

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Death in June 16.05.1991 London

In the spring of 1991 Death in June played tour with Current 93 and Sol Invictus. Tour's last gig was 16.05.1991 in London. Today you can listen to this stuff. Alas this set is incomplete and I don't know how many songs are missing.
I've posted Current 93 and Sol Invictus sets earlier: Current 93, Sol Invictus. Now this gig is (almost) complete.

Death in June 16.05.1991

01. Death of a man [05:00]
02. Hello Angel [06:20]
03. Heaven Street [02:55]
04. Leper Lord [01:28]
05. Torture by Roses [02:57]
06. Come Before Christ & Murder Love [02:15]
07. Fall Apart [02:18]
08. Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape) [05:03]
09. Bring It in the Night [04:29]
10. C'est Un Reve [05:18]
total [38:02]

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 44 - Serpent Beat

Serpent Beat was established by ex-members of Los Loveros. They were most inspired by The Birthday Party, The Doors and J.S. Bach. Band recorded first material "Wild Woods" in 1993, but it wasn't released then. They debuted with self titled album in 1999. It's excellent stuff remainding Crime & the City Solution or Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
In 2001 band started recording new album but only 4 songs were recorded, because band split-up. Those songs were released with "Wild Woods" as compilation album "Deadly Gift" in 2003.

Serpent Beat "Serpent Beat" [1999]

01. Witches [04:46]
02. Misery [03:33]
03. Six Feet Under [04:45]
04. Runaway Shadow [05:00]
05. Midnight Blues [04:56]
06. Red Stone Head [03:38]
07. Devil [07:23]
08. Jane [04:10]
09. Do Not Go Gentle [05:30]
total [43:41]

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rowland S. Howard 05.09.1994 Sydney

Rowland S. Howard is great but underrated guitarist. He played in many bands, including: The Boys Next Door/The Birthday Party, Crime & the City Solution and These Immortal Souls. In 1999 he relased great solo album "Teenage Snuff Film". Rowland S. Howard is famous for his unique style of guitar play - with heavy use of distortion and feedback.
This set is quite different - pure acoustic. Short but sweet. "Hide" and "The Story Goes" are These Immortal Souls songs. "Stupid Grin" was composed by Marie Hoy. "Shut Me Down" is Howard's song. "The Big Sleep" is The Only Ones cover.

Rowland S. Howard 05.09.1994 Sydney

01. Hide [03:35]
02. The Story Goes [04:26]
03. Stupid Grin [04:33]
04. Shut Me Down [04:08]
05. The Big Sleep [03:34]
total [20:15]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 43 - Księżyc

Księżyc (Moon in Polish) was established in 1990 as female trio singing a capella folk songs from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus and Poland. Later their music incorporated influences from minimal music. Their self titled debut was released in 1996, limited to 333 copies. Band members describe their music as psychedelic-ethnic minimal. Subtle and etheric sounds - true moon music.

Księżyc "Księżyc" [1996]

01. Historyjka [00:44]
02. Verlaine I [02:09]
03. Klepana [01:44]
04. Klawesynowa [03:29]
05. Chodz [01:19]
06. Mijana [06:05]
07. Zakopana [04:28]
08. Lalka [02:57]
09. Smieszki [01:59]
10. MM [02:46]
11. Dychana [01:52]
12. Ile ma lat [03:36]
13. Verlaine II [02:43]
14. Historyjka [02:23]
total [38:13]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesu 16.10.2007 Atlanta

Justin K. Broadrick's main band Godflesh was disbanded in 2002. In 2003 started new project: Jesu. It was named after Last song on last Godflesh album "Hymns". In beginning Jesu was one-man band, later Broadrick hired other musicians.
Jesu is successor of Godflesh but new project's sound is quite different. Although still heavy and powerful, it's more mellow and less riff-based. Nice mixture of drone doom and post-rock.

Jesu 16.10.2007 Atlanta

01. Stanlow [06:57]
02. Old Year [06:05]
03. Conqueror [08:50]
04. Silver [07:42]
05. Tired of Me [10:13]
06. Transfigure [06:32]
07. Friends Are Evil [14:47]
08. Medicine [08:54]
total [1:10:00]

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 42 - Lech Janerka

Lech Janerka's first band was post punk/new wave Klaus Mitffoch. After recording great debut he left the band and started solo career. His first solo album "Historia podwodna" was released in 1986. It's continuation of Klaus Mitffoch but with longer, more melodic songs. Excellent stuff.

Lech Janerka "Ta zabawa nie jest dla dziewczynek" live at Opole Festival 1986

Lech Janerka "Niewole" live at Opole Festival 1986

Lech Janerka "Historia podwodna" [1986]

01. Lola (chce zmieniać świat) [02:55]
02. Epidemia epilepsji [04:51]
03. Konstytucje [03:28]
04. Reformator [03:43]
05. Tryki na start [04:27]
06. Niewole [03:49]
07. Jest jak w niebie [04:35]
08. Historia podwodna [05:33]
09. Ta zabawa nie jest dla dziewczynek [06:22]
total [39:44]

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