Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 42 - Lech Janerka

Lech Janerka's first band was post punk/new wave Klaus Mitffoch. After recording great debut he left the band and started solo career. His first solo album "Historia podwodna" was released in 1986. It's continuation of Klaus Mitffoch but with longer, more melodic songs. Excellent stuff.

Lech Janerka "Ta zabawa nie jest dla dziewczynek" live at Opole Festival 1986

Lech Janerka "Niewole" live at Opole Festival 1986

Lech Janerka "Historia podwodna" [1986]

01. Lola (chce zmieniać świat) [02:55]
02. Epidemia epilepsji [04:51]
03. Konstytucje [03:28]
04. Reformator [03:43]
05. Tryki na start [04:27]
06. Niewole [03:49]
07. Jest jak w niebie [04:35]
08. Historia podwodna [05:33]
09. Ta zabawa nie jest dla dziewczynek [06:22]
total [39:44]

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