Friday, November 28, 2008

Rowland S. Howard and Hugo Race 21.12.1988 Melbourne

Another Rowland S. Howard's set. This time from Melbourne 21.12.1988. At that night he played with Hugo Race (earlier: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Wreckery; later in Hugo race and the True Spirit).

Rowland S. Howard 21.12.1988 Melbourne

01. Intro [02:35]
02. Marry Me (Lie, Lie) [05:57]
03. Hide [04:04]
04. Wedding Hotel [05:12]
05. Morning Dew [04:49]
06. Lonesome Town [04:26]
07. Ho-Ho [04:11]
08. One in Shadow, One in Sun [07:18]
total [38:31]


Kakophonia said...

This is so AWESOME.

Azbest said...

Sound could be better but Rowland rocks. I can't wait for his new record.

sytri said...

To co tygrysy ;) lubia najbardziej...

Azbest said...

Na blogu Kakophonia koncert z 18/06/2005, Sydney i różne ciekawostki z tych kręgów.