Sunday, May 22, 2011

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 119 - Voo Voo

Voo Voo was formed in 1985 by Wojciech Waglewski. Band plays rock music with influences from other genres - mainly jazz and folk but also hip hop and other.
"Oov Oov" was released in 1998, It could be compared to cross between Miles Davis fusion, King Crimson from "Discipline" era with some drum and bass influences.
Excellent drum parts were played by Piotr "Stopa" Żyżelewicz. He was member of many other bands. Most notably: Armia, Izrael and 2Tm2,3. He died died recently on 13.05.2011.

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Voo Voo "Oov Oov" [1998]

01. Dwa w jednym/Umpa umpa [09:16]
02. Nuty, dźwięki [11:08]
03. Wzgórze [04:47]
04. Dołek [08:10]
05. Cudnie [04:34]
06. Pusz się [07:18]
07. Będę żył [06:15]
total [51:17]

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