Saturday, June 28, 2008

Listen to this all you douchebags

"You call my music sonic poison
Turn it's down it's annoying
But it gives me pleasure to aggravate
The ones I hate"

Before Type O Negative, Peter Steele played in Carnivore. Godly thrash/hard core/doom with postapocalyptic, "Road Warrior"-like image and lyrics. One of the coolest bands ever. Sadly they recorded only two albums: "Carnivore" in 1985 and "Retaliation" in 1987.
Here you got gig from 1984, with some unreleased stuff. More doomy than thrash/hard core but great anyway. It's Carnivore! Fuck with them and it's suicide.

Carnivore 27.09.1984 New York

01. Cry Wolf [07:18]
02. Carnivore [05:05]
03. Male Supremacy [08:42]
04. The Executioner [10:12]
05. World War III and IV [07:21]
06. Deliver Us to Evil/Star Spangled Banner [06:41]
total [45:17]

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 24 - Pan Witek

Pan Witek, Gość z Atlantydy [Mr. Witek, Man from Atlantis] is famous and eccentric polish busker. He was born in 1943. Very winning and serene man. He sings folk songs, covers (in very weird versions) and his own songs. For years he played in many polish cities and on rock festivals. Now he lives in Dublin.

Pan Witek "Gość z Atlantydy / Man from Atlantis"
01. Spidi Gonzales, Tlist Egien / Speedy Gonzales, Twist Again [04:01]
02. Kuantadamera / Guantanamera [02:38]
03. Koń na biegunach / Rocking Horse [03:20]
04. To były piękne dni / Great Days [02:24]
05. Nie pijcie przed weselem / Don't Drink Before Wedding Party [01:39]
06. Noc poślubna / Wedding Night [02:08]
07. Mój koń nie mieści mi sie w dłoń / My Horse Doesn't Fit My Hand [01:51]
08. Ela (a niech cię jasna cholera) / Elizabeth (Go to Hell) [02:49]
09. Ruiny Edenu / Ruins of Eden [03:09]
10. Ty odeszlaś tamtej nocy z tamtym panem / That Night You Left Me With That Guy [03:11]
11. Mówili ludzie - nie wierz dziewczynie / People Says - Never Trust a Woman [01:40]
12. Kiedyś zrozumiesz / One Day You Will Understand [02:16]
13. Chcę ci dać / I Want to Give You [03:38]
14. Idąc przez życie / Going Through Life [03:27]
15. Jestem kosmitą / I'm Spaceman [04:05]
total [42:16]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michael Gira 17.10.2007 Rome

After Swans decayed, Michael Gira started solo career. It's mostly quiet folk/country songs. But don't get fooled: maybe this songs are quiet but they aren't soft or sweet. Gira doesn't mellow down. Sadness biterness - you have it all.
This is acoustic solo set from Gira. Intense as He always was. Not bad quality.

Michael Gira 17.10.2007 Rome

01. I Am the Sun [03:02]
02. Promise of Water [06:05]
03. Nations [07:05]
04. Failure [06:06]
05. Lena's Song [03:41]
06. My Brother's Man [04:24]
07. Destroyer [06:00]
08. She Lives [04:47]
09. My Sister Said [05:41]
10. Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You [04:47]
11. Rose of Los Angeles [06:43]
12. God Damn the Sun [04:26]
total [01:02:47]

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 23 - Polska mlodziez spiewa zagraniczne piosenki

"Polska mlodziez spiewa zagraniczne piosenki" means "Polish Young Men Sings Foreign Songs". This compilation consists covers of famous rock songs done by polish artists, both "alternative" and mainstream. Best song is "Pies" by Swietliki. It's best cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" i ever heard.

Polska mlodziez spiewa zagraniczne piosenki [1998]

01. T.Love - Syn miasta [Mano Negra - Out of Time Man] [03:18]
02. Pidzama Porno - Pasazer [Iggy Pop - Passenger] [03:01]
03. Piersi - On nie jest cham [Electric light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down] [02:56]
04. Atrakcyjny Kazimierz - Magia TV [Blood, Sweat and Tears - Spinning Wheel] [03:40]
05. Lubomski - Psychobojca [Talking Heads - Psycho Killer] [03:10]
06. Elektryczne Gitary - Serce jak pies [The Wings - Let Me Roll It] [04:15]
07. Maciej Zembaty - Zuzanna [Leonard Cohen - Susanne] [04:25]
08. Maryla Rodowicz - Odpowie ci wiatr [Bob Dylan - Blowin' in the Wind] [04:18]
09. Budka Suflera - Sen o dolinie [Bill Whiters - Ain't No Sunshine] [03:49]
10. Kult - Dom wschodzacego slonca [House of the Rising Sun] [03:20]
11. Brygada Kryzys - Naokolo wiezy [Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower] [03:37]
12. Kuba Sienkiewicz - Od morza do morza [The Kinks - Victoria] [02:48]
13. Swietliki - Pies [The Stooges -I Wanna Be Your Dog] [02:41]
14. Analogs - Strzelby z Brixton [The Clash - Guns of Brixton] [03:09]
15. Big Cyc - Pasazer [Iggy Pop - Passenger] [03:45]
16. T.Love - Gloria [Van Morisson - Gloria] [03:57]
total [56:09]

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Ghastly Ones - "A-Haunting We Will Go-Go" Re-upload

Today I'm in "Fuck Off and Die" mood, so:
What the fuck is wrong with you people? If you don't want to leave a comment it's ok. You don't have to - I used to it. But at least when you see a dead link report this. About a dozen of people tried to download The Ghastly Ones and not even one lazy bastard was so nice to report dead link. It's so hard?
I noticed it when i tried to download it (yes my CD collection is so mess it easier to dowload than search for it).

The Ghastly Ones "A-Haunting We Will Go-Go" [1998] is once more alive and kicking:

Mojo Cash Covered

This Johnny Cash Tribute was compiled by Mojo Magazine for november 2004 issue. Very good compilation - only few weak songs. Way better than average tribute.

Mojo Cash Covered [2004]

01. Michelle Shocked - One Piece at a Time [03:35]
02. Waylon Jennings - Folsom Prison Blues [03:11]
03. Steve Earle - Hardin Wouldn't Run [04:12]
04. Mississippi John Hurt - Goodnight Irene [02:26]
05. Robbie Faulks - Cry Cry Cry [02:39]
06. Jeb Loy Nichols - Worried man [02:58]
07. Sparklehorse - Dark as a Dungeon [03:37]
08. Willard Grant Conspiracy - I Still Mises Someone [04:31]
09. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Singer [03:06]
10. Shelby Lynne - I Walk the Line [02:36]
11. The Kid Named Miles - Ring of Fire [04:09]
12. Jawbone - Get Rhythm [02:07]
13. Knife in the Water - When the Man Comes Around [03:45]
14. Tom Russell Bacon Rind / Chief Seattle / The Ballad of Ira Hayes [05:55]
15. Giant Sand - Wayfaring Stranger / Fly Me to the Moon [04:48]
total [53:35]

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Oceanico71 R.I.P.

I just received info from Diego of Oceanico71 blog. Due to the problems with Wayne Hussey's management, He was forced to close his blog. Oceanico71 will remain active till saturday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Krzysztof Komeda "Rosemary's Child" Re-upload

Link was dead, now it's working again.

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 22 - Pandemonium

Pandemonium started in 1989 by Paul (guitar) and Żuber (drums). Music was in the vein of Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Bathory and Samael. Band's first effort was promo tape, recorded at rehearsal in december 1990.
In february 1992 Pandemonium recorded demo tape - legendary "Devilri". It was best selling demo tape in the world. They sold over 10000 pieces! First proper album "The Ancient Catatonia" was recorded in 1993. After that band was forced to change name (Żuber was kicked from band and copyrighted name Pandemonium - pretty neat for a drummer, huh?).
Under name Domain, band recorded three albums: "Pandemonium [1995], "...From Oblivion" [1999] and "Gat Etemmi" [2002]. After Żuber's death, band returned to their original name Pandemonium. Under new/old name two albums were recorded: "The Zonei" [2004] and "Hellspawn" [2007].
Sound of this tape is little rough but also dark and powerful. Excellent stuff. Track 3 is of course cover of Samael - great version of "Into the Pentagram".

Pandemonium official site
Pandemonium MySpace

Pandemonium "Promo Tape" [1991]

01. Haga Sophia [04:20]
02. Unholy Existence [03:45]
03. Into the Pentagram [05:50]
04. Might of the Godz [03:30]
total [17:25]

Monday, June 9, 2008

Samael 22.03.1992 Bodegraven

Earliest music of Samael was doomy black metal inspired by Hellhammer/Celtic Frost. In that vein they recorded bunch of demos and two albums : "Worship Him" [1991] and "Blood Ritual" [1992]. After that band started to experiment with their sound and slowly changed into more electronic/industrial.
This show was played few months before recording of "Blood Ritual". Most of songs are from "Worship Him". Only "...Until the Chaos" is from "Blood Ritual". "The Third of the Storms" is of course cover of Hellhammer.

Samael 22.03.1992 Bodegraven

01. Sleep of Death [03:40]
02. Messanger of the Light [02:48]
03. The Dark [04:26]
04. Into the Pentagram [07:05]
05. Morbid Metal [05:22]
06. ...Until the Chaos [03:40]
07. The Third of the Storms [03:43]
08. Worship Him [06:37]
total [37:21]

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 21 - Drum Freaks

Drum Freaks is project of Milo Kurtis from Osjan. He also played with Maanam, Brygada kryzys, Voo Voo, Izrael. Music is similar to Osjan.
The music of Drum Freaks has Deep Roots. A Greek from Warsaw and Jamaican from London takes us on a journey, which encompasses both Tibet and South America, India and Australia, and on the way they let us peek through the doors of forgotten temples and side-road inns.
"Smyrna" was recorded live at St. John's Church in Gdansk. It's colaboration between Drum freaks and didgeridoo player Wallis Buchanan.

Drum Freaks "Smyrna" [2003]

01. Smyrna [13:47]
02. Yidaki [09:14]
03. Tamara [16:16]
04. Łana [08:02]
05. Tybet [06:07]
06. Wariors Dance [02:54]
07. Sun Play [08:48]
08. Iguana [05:36]
total [01:10:44]