Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 21 - Drum Freaks

Drum Freaks is project of Milo Kurtis from Osjan. He also played with Maanam, Brygada kryzys, Voo Voo, Izrael. Music is similar to Osjan.
The music of Drum Freaks has Deep Roots. A Greek from Warsaw and Jamaican from London takes us on a journey, which encompasses both Tibet and South America, India and Australia, and on the way they let us peek through the doors of forgotten temples and side-road inns.
"Smyrna" was recorded live at St. John's Church in Gdansk. It's colaboration between Drum freaks and didgeridoo player Wallis Buchanan.

Drum Freaks "Smyrna" [2003]

01. Smyrna [13:47]
02. Yidaki [09:14]
03. Tamara [16:16]
04. Łana [08:02]
05. Tybet [06:07]
06. Wariors Dance [02:54]
07. Sun Play [08:48]
08. Iguana [05:36]
total [01:10:44]


pausts said...

Dzięki,świetne kontemplacyjne obszary!

Azbest said...

Przyjemne granie, ale jednak wolę Osjan