Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michael Gira 17.10.2007 Rome

After Swans decayed, Michael Gira started solo career. It's mostly quiet folk/country songs. But don't get fooled: maybe this songs are quiet but they aren't soft or sweet. Gira doesn't mellow down. Sadness biterness - you have it all.
This is acoustic solo set from Gira. Intense as He always was. Not bad quality.

Michael Gira 17.10.2007 Rome

01. I Am the Sun [03:02]
02. Promise of Water [06:05]
03. Nations [07:05]
04. Failure [06:06]
05. Lena's Song [03:41]
06. My Brother's Man [04:24]
07. Destroyer [06:00]
08. She Lives [04:47]
09. My Sister Said [05:41]
10. Sometimes I Dream I'm Hurting You [04:47]
11. Rose of Los Angeles [06:43]
12. God Damn the Sun [04:26]
total [01:02:47]

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Vileness Fats said...

Thanks. I can add your log to my links if you'd like. I'll be grabbing this Michael Gira.

Azbest said...

That would be nice. Enjoy the music.

POLYFEM said...

link is dead :) mozna prosic o re-up?

Azbest said...