Saturday, June 28, 2008

Listen to this all you douchebags

"You call my music sonic poison
Turn it's down it's annoying
But it gives me pleasure to aggravate
The ones I hate"

Before Type O Negative, Peter Steele played in Carnivore. Godly thrash/hard core/doom with postapocalyptic, "Road Warrior"-like image and lyrics. One of the coolest bands ever. Sadly they recorded only two albums: "Carnivore" in 1985 and "Retaliation" in 1987.
Here you got gig from 1984, with some unreleased stuff. More doomy than thrash/hard core but great anyway. It's Carnivore! Fuck with them and it's suicide.

Carnivore 27.09.1984 New York

01. Cry Wolf [07:18]
02. Carnivore [05:05]
03. Male Supremacy [08:42]
04. The Executioner [10:12]
05. World War III and IV [07:21]
06. Deliver Us to Evil/Star Spangled Banner [06:41]
total [45:17]

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