Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mojo Cash Covered

This Johnny Cash Tribute was compiled by Mojo Magazine for november 2004 issue. Very good compilation - only few weak songs. Way better than average tribute.

Mojo Cash Covered [2004]

01. Michelle Shocked - One Piece at a Time [03:35]
02. Waylon Jennings - Folsom Prison Blues [03:11]
03. Steve Earle - Hardin Wouldn't Run [04:12]
04. Mississippi John Hurt - Goodnight Irene [02:26]
05. Robbie Faulks - Cry Cry Cry [02:39]
06. Jeb Loy Nichols - Worried man [02:58]
07. Sparklehorse - Dark as a Dungeon [03:37]
08. Willard Grant Conspiracy - I Still Mises Someone [04:31]
09. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Singer [03:06]
10. Shelby Lynne - I Walk the Line [02:36]
11. The Kid Named Miles - Ring of Fire [04:09]
12. Jawbone - Get Rhythm [02:07]
13. Knife in the Water - When the Man Comes Around [03:45]
14. Tom Russell Bacon Rind / Chief Seattle / The Ballad of Ira Hayes [05:55]
15. Giant Sand - Wayfaring Stranger / Fly Me to the Moon [04:48]
total [53:35]

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Rob ( said...

If it wouldn't be too much trouble is there any chance you might repost this collection? It's been very elusive and it's one of only a few MOJO comps that I need to complete my digital's greatly appreciated! THX

Azbest said...


Rob (from Toronto) said...

I totally forgot I left you this comment and I was out looking again and BAM there it be!!! Much obliged are fully helping my cause! Anymore MOJOs in your collection possibly???


Azbest said...

One more: "Bad Seeds" - Nick Cave: roots &collaborations. Interested?

Rob (from Toronto) said...

Already got that 1, the few I'm missing are pretty obscure...but thanks again 4 the JC!!!