Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 13 - Osjan

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Osian (sometimes Ossian) is most fascinating band I ever heard. This project was established in early seventies by Jacek Ostaszewski and Marek Jackowski, members of polish band Anawa. Osjan's music is mixture of ethnic music and free jazz. Improvised sounds played on acoustic, ethnic instruments from around the world. Truly unique band.
This is concert was recorded in 1980. line-up: Jacek Ostaszewski, Wojciech Waglewski, Radosław Nowakowski, Milo Kurtis.

Osjan "Osjan" [1980]
01. Osian part I (Ossian Waltz, Tuana Part One, Pink Song) [20:34]
02. Osian part II (Men Ho, Green Dance, Blue Dance, Coda) [21:18]
total [41:52]


Anonymous said...

Can you upload this show from TVP Kultura?

Azbest said...

In a few days.

Anonymous said...

Super. I'm waiting.