Saturday, December 22, 2007

Gift for naughty children

A gift for you on winter solstice. Great Current 93 concert from 16 may 1991. I think this band don't need introduction.
On that night Current 93 was supported by Sol Invictus and Death in June. Three neofolk originators on one stage. Truly magic night.
You can find Sol Invictus set here.

David Tibet - vocals
Douglas P. - vocals and quitar
Michael Cashmore - guitar
Joolie Wood - vocals, violin and recorder
James Mannox - drums

Merry Christmas, Happy Yule or just be happy and have fun.

Current 93 16.05.1991 London

01. Summer of Love [03:02]
02. Death of the Corn [05:00]
03. A Song For Douglas [05:47]
04. Be [00:51]
05. Black Sun Bloody Moon [01:43]
06. In the Heart of the Wood [02:49]
07. Horsey [10:25]
08. Oh Coal Black Smith [03:02]
09. Happy Birthday [03:47]
10. The Returned to Their Earth [06:10]
11. A Sadness Song [04:36]
total [47:12]

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David G said...

Great set, taking this one. Would be nice to get the DIJ set too one day...

Azbest said...

Alas i don't have it, but you could find many DIJ gigs at