Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 12 - Behemoth

Behemoth is well known death/black metal band from Gdańsk, Poland. Band was established in 1991 as black metal act. Since that day band slowly evolved. Now they play death metal with black influences.
Those tracks were recorded in Toulouse, France in 1999 when Behemoth was promoting their third album "Pandemonic Incantations". On that tour they supported Deicide.
Most of the songs are from "Pandemonic Incantations", only one "From the Pagan Wastelands" is from debut "Sventevith - Storming Near the Baltic".
Those song were released in 2002 on EP "Live in Toulouse". This release wasn't authorized by the band and is considered as bootleg.

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Behemoth 27.02.1999 Toulouse

01. Diableria (The Great Introduction) [00:29]
02. The Thousand Plagues I Witness [05:23]
03. Satan's Sword (I Have Become) [04:35]
04. From The Pagan Vastlands [03:40]
05. Driven By The Five-Winged Star [05:09]
total [19:16]

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