Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Ghastly Ones - A-Haunting We Will Go-Go

Halloween is near so...
The Ghastly Ones invite you to be horrified to the point of sheer panic as they transport you to the darkest part of bone chilling night. Don't be surprised if you find yourself changing from the gentle soul you are to the werewolf, evil space robot or some other monster. Instead just relax and enjoy experience.
The Ghastly Ones is great surf/psychobilly band from Van Nuys, California. Name of the band is inspired by horror movie from sixties. Band's image is definitely spooky although their songs are mostly instrumental.
"A Haunting We Will Go-Go" is their debut. Released in 1998 by Zombie A Go-Go Records - short lived Rob Zombie's label. Sadly this album is now out of print.

The Ghastly Ones official site
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The Ghastly Ones "A-Haunting We Will Go-Go" [1998]

01. An Invitation... [00:31]
02. Ghastly Stomp [02:27]
03. Hangman Hangten [02:29]
04. Thunderhead [02:14]
05. Pacific Ghost Highway... [00:47]
06. Haulin' Hearse [02:22]
07. Lonesome Undertaker [02:36]
08. Mysterion [03:20]
09. The Boys Go Creeping... [00:50]
10. Diabolo's Theme [02:07]
11. Action Squad [01:51]
12. Deadbeat [03:04]
13. Spookmaster [02:31]
14. Doctor Diabolo Speaks... [00:56]
15. Attack Of Robot Atomico [03:03]
16. Los Campiones Del Justicio [03:42]
17. Hollywood Nocturne [03:15]
18. Surfin' Spooks [01:33]
19. A Final Warning... [00:24]
20. (Everybody's Doin') The Ghastly Stomp [02:39]
total [42:41]

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Mark said...

Glad that they are heading UK in July!!!www.blastoff-festival.co.uk