Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Anarchy in the USA

On the 1998 Halloween gig at Chicago, Shellac did a little prank. They invited Jesus Lizard's vocalist David Yow and performed as Sex Pistols cover band! What a surprise. Here it is. Hear and weep!

David Yow as Johnny Rotten /voc/
Bob Weston as Sid Vicious /bs/
Steve Albini as Steve Jones /gtr/
Todd Trainer as Paul Cook /dr/

Shellac with David Yow - Sex Pistols Halloween gig 31.10.1998
01. Holidays in the Sun [04:14]
02. Bodies [03:37]
03. Pretty Vacant [05:09]
04. Seventeen [02:49]
05. Submission [06:11]
06. New York [05:33]
07. Anarchy in the UK [04:58]
08. God Save the Queen [03:35]
total [36:06]


Anonymous said...

Please Please Please repost this!!!!!

Azbest said...

Aneurin sanders/filmmaker said...

the pistols rock evan cover bands

Anonymous said...

Dude! Please re-post!

Azbest said...

Sorry - I don't have it anymore