Saturday, October 13, 2007

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 7 - Acid Drinkers

Acid Drinkers is metal band from Poland, established in 1986. They play tongue-in-cheek mixture of thrash and heavy metal.
"High Proof Cosmic Milk" is rather different from rest of their work. Harder and darker than usually. Music is very sludgy, influenced by Kyuss. That was last Acid Drinkers album with original guitarist Litza.
"Proud Mary" is of course Creedence Clearwater Revival cover but with riff from Sepultura's "Roots".

High Proof Cosmic Milk video
Proud Mary video
Acid Drinkers on MySpace
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Acid Drinkers "High Proof Cosmic Milk" [1998]

01. Rattlesnake Blues [04:07]
02. Human Bazooka [04:34]
03. High Proof Cosmic Milk [05:10]
04. What's Happenin' in the Heart of a Pacifist [03:53]
05. More Life [04:29]
06. Be My Godzilla [03:37]
07. Dementia Blvd [05:59]
08. Blind Leadin' the Blind [04:01]
09. Gain on Shit [03:57]
10. Proud Mary [05:03]
total [44:50]

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