Sunday, November 30, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 46 - Something Like Elvis

Something Like Elvis was founded in Szubin in 1994 (name is inspired by David Lynch movie "Wild at Heart"). Band's music was explosive mixture of hardcore (or even post-hardcore) and noise rock. First album "Personal Vertigo" was released in 1997 with enthusiasticall reception among music press and listeners. Band toured in Europe with such bands as Nomeansno and Fugazi.
In 1999 second album "Shape" was released. Third album "Cigarette Smoke Phantom", released in 2002 was more mellow down and into post-rock. Band split-up year later. Ex-members founded two bands: Contemporary Noise Quintet (later Quartet and now Sextet) and Potty Umbrella.

Something Like Elvis MySpace page
Contemporary Noise Quintet MySpace page and official page
Potty Umbrella MySpace page and official page

Something Like Elvis "Personal Vertigo" [1997]

01. Red River [06:56]
02. Leticia [03:43]
03. Future Sport [05:39]
04. Scared Man [05:34]
05. Dad (Nomeansno cover) [03:01]
06. Holy Wars [07:20]
07. Love [02:04]
total [34:17]

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