Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sweet Sister Ray

This VU bootleg have only known version of "Sweet Sister Ray" and three live versions of "Sister Ray". Real gem for VU freaks.
"Sweet Sister Ray" is some sort of extended intro to "Sister Ray". This piece was recorded when John Cale was still part of The Velvet Underground. All versions of "Sister Ray" are with Doug Yule.

The Velvet Underground "Sweet Sister Ray"
01. Sweet Sister Ray (30.04.1968) [39:23]
02. Sister Ray (12.12.1968) [25:48]
03. Sister Ray (15.03.1969) [24:12]
04. Sister Ray (11.07.1969) [21:51]
total [1:51:13]


Anonymous said...

great to have all these versions in one handy place - metal machine music eat yer heart out!

Azbest said...

You're welcome

Ingo said...

...thank you for this :-)