Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 91 - Antigama

Antigama is a fine Polish grindcore band formed in 2000 by members of Sparagmos, Damnable and Reinfection. Since then, they released five albums (last "Warning" in 2009) and bunch of splits.
"Siekiera/Destination Death" is a split with Jan AG, released in 2003. Songs from Antigama's part are covers of polish punk legend Siekiera. They planned to record "Siekierezada" - whole album of Siekiera's songs, but made only this split and one cover: "Fala" on debut album "Intellect Made Us Blind".
Jan AG is Jan Frederickx from Agathocles. His solos stuff is strange mixture of electronic and hard-core

Antigama "Siekiera" / Jan AG "Destination Death" [2003]
Antigama "Siekiera":
01. Siekiera [02:44]
02. Atak [02:20]
03. Krwawy front [02:24]
04. Idzie wojna [03:00]
05. Nachodzi zwykłe świństwo [02:50]

Jan AG "Destination Death":
06. Motherfucker (Swing That Axe) [05:36]
07. Sensations of Time Are Lost [03:29]
08. My Mind Needs to Eat [05:38]
09. Hear The Whispers [04:19]
10. Welcome [04:13]
11. Destination Death [03:44]
12. Hey You Fucking Cop! [02:14]
13. Sick [02:24]
total [44:55]

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