Monday, August 24, 2009

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 93 - T.Love

T.Love was founded in 1982 under name Teenage Love Alternative (Later T.Love Alternative). Firstly they played punk. In late eighties band broke up but reformed shortly after under new name T. Love. Also music changed: now sound was more mainstream and later with pop influences. Their third album "Prymityw", recorded in 1994 is their finest. It's their hardest album but with great, melodic songs and some reggae vibes.

T.Love "Prymityw" [1994]
01. To nie jest miłość [03:18]
02. Potrzebuję wczoraj [03:27]
03. Chłopcy [02:46]
04. Mecz [03:20]
05. Berlin-Paryż-Londyn [03:10]
06. Kapeloland [04:18]
07. Gloria (Van Morrison cover) [04:13]
08. T.Love, T.Love [03:50]
09. Jednoręki bandyta [03:50]
10. Złygmunt Staszczyk [02:24]
11. Jaś i Marysia [03:37]
12. Brutalna niedziela [04:34]
13. Bóg [03:58]
14. Nic do stracenia [03:00]
15. Wakacje [02:36]
total [52:19]

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