Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Velvet Underground "Live at the Gymnasium"

The Velvet Underground was the greatest band in the world. I can't believe i didn't post them yet. If you don't know them, then go google yourself. Or listen to this little gem.
Over forty minutes of great, great music. Velvets at their best. Trance, juicy rock n roll. This tapes we rumored to exist but only few days ago they were brought to daylight. Enjoy.

The Velvet Underground "Live at the Gymnasium" [1967]

01. I'm Not a Young Man Anymore [07:18]
02. Guess I'm Falling in Love [04:18]
03. I'm Waiting for the Man [05:24]
04. Run Run Run [06:55]
05. Sister Ray [18:55]
total [42:50]


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. Martin from Canada.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ... thank you ... been looking for this for a while.

Anonymous said...

this is new to me too, thank you.

Travis said...

congrats to lou and laurie
and also to those who share