Saturday, February 23, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 17 - Siekiera

Siekiera was formed in Puławy, Poland (from 1845 to 1918 Puławy carried the name Nowa Aleksandria / New Alexandria) in 1983 as punk rock band. Played very extreme music with aggressive, apocalyptic lyrics. All songs and lyrics were written in very short time by gutairist Tomasz Adamski.Siekiera soon became famous. Their concert at Rock Festival Jarocin in 1984 is legendary. Two songs from that gig were included on "Fala" compilation. Alas this line-up was ephemeric. They played for about a year and 6 gigs only. Due to the conflicts between Adamski and Budzyński (vocalist), Budzyński left the band. Later he formed Armia with Robert Brylewski.
After the change of line-up, Siekiera evolves. New music is post punk / cold wave. New sound is inspired by Joy Division and Killing Joke but remains original. In 1985 band releases first single "Jest bezpiecznie" In 1986 "Nowa Aleksandria" is released. It's first and only Siekiera's album. Band broke up in 1988.
Atmosphere of this album is cold and depressing. Music is based on dense drumming and minimalistic, trance guitar. Songs distinct rhytm is inspired by industrial bands. Very unusual lyrics were made by band's leader Adamski. Most of them are formed from few words only. "Nowa Aleksandria" is undoubted masterpiece and one of the greatest albums ever recorded in Poland.

Misiowie puszysci / Teddy Bears [video]
Ludzie wschodu / People of the East [video from "My Blood, Your Blood" movie)

Siekiera "Nowa Aleksandria" [1986]

01. Idziemy przez las / Going Through Forest [4:39]
02. Ludzie Wschodu / People of the East [4:24]
03. Bez konca / Without End [3:21]
04. Idziemy na skraj / Going to the Edge [3:27]
05. Na zewnątrz / Outside [6:05]
06. Nowa Aleksandria / New Alexandria [3:16]
07. To słowo / It's Word [3:16]
08. Już blisko / So Near [2:45]
09. Tak duzo, tak mocno / So Much, so Hard [4:07]
10. Czerwony pejzaz / Red Lanscape [4:49]
total [40:09]