Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 18 - Sparagmos

Sparagmos was formed in Warszawa, Poland in 1989. In the beginning they played rather traditional thrash metal. Later they music became more difficult and progressive, but still heavy.
Their last album "Conflict", was recorded in 1999. It's great but underestimated record. Even in Poland it didn't get deserved attention. "Conflict" is technical, hard and aggressive. And cover is just splendid.
Alas Sparagmos split-up shortly after release of "Conflict". Two of the members later formed interesting avantgarde grindcore band Antigama.

Sparagmos "Conflict" [1999]

01. Manvantara [5:18]
02. Tupilac [5:19]
03. Maska Darah / Mask of Darah [2:33]
04. Meditabor [3:33]
05. Z obcych dłoni / From Stranger's Hands [3:42]
06. Navigator [4:13]
07. Wróć do ziemi / Back to the Soil [5:06]
08. Horroskopy [4:24]
09. Żeby nie brudzić krwi / Not to Soil the Blood [3:01]
10. Mam w sobie wojnę / War Inside Me [5:06]
11. Avid Rytm/Zuig Myn Lul [18:07]
total [1:00:22]


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