Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 37 - Dezerter

Dezerter is one of the oldest Polish punk bands. Formed in 1981 as SS-20. They had to change name to because of the reaction of the Communist authorities (SS-20 was a Soviet ballistic missile and this name was regarded too provocative). Their first official release was four track Ep released in 1983. Due to the problems with censorship first official album "Kolaboracja" was recorded in 1987. Earlier that year "Underground Out of Poland" was released in US by Maximum Rock'n'Roll. It was compilation of studio and live tracks from years 1983-1985.
Dezerter was first Polish band to play in Japan. They were invited by members of Japanese punk band Stalin.
Dezerter is still active. With over 25 years of history and 13 albums they are most important Polish punk act.
"Ile procent duszy?" was recorded in 1994. It's widely considered their best effort.

Dezerter "Ile Procent duszy?" [1994]

01. Nasze male wojny [01:35]
02. Byc rzadzonym [04:26]
03. Choroba [03:41]
04. Facet [02:10]
05. Ostatnia chwila [04:27]
06. Ostatni dub [04:08]
07. Najprosciej jest nie myslec [03:03]
08. Uderz w polityke [03:26]
09. Dezerter [05:03]
10. Co wtedy robisz [04:27]
11. Ile procent duszy [02:35]
12. Brzydkie slowa [03:24]
13. Jesli chcesz zmieniac swiat [04:01]
14. Zmiany [05:31]
15. XXI wiek [01:18]
16. Postep [04:14]
17. Nie ma zagrozenia [02:24]

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