Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gallhammer 28.09.2007 Tampere

Gallhammer is doom/black metal all-female band from japan. Cutest bklack metal in the world.
Their music is influenced mainly by Amebix and Hellhammer / Celtic Frost.
Unfortunately I don't know first track's title. Any hints?

Gallhammer 28.09.2007 Tampere, Finland

01. [05:39]
02. Speed of Blood [03:56]
03. Blind My Eyes [03:23]
04. Killed by the Queen [02:43]
05. Beyond the Hate Red [03:07]
06. Song of Fall [06:54]
07. World to Be Ashes [04:56]
08. Endless Nauseos Days [07:17]
09. Crucifixion [04:16]
total [42:10]


Anonymous said...

die kenn ich sogar doch. fällt fast unter true :-) ein wahrhaft anachronistisches geschepper; nicht schön aber kultig. die sind aber nicht wirklich black metal. die beziehen sich auf alte hellhammer (fast= celtic frost), und die waren zwar böse, aber nicht black. trotzdem besteht eine verbindung, da die ersten black metal bands von ...hammer und ...frost beeinflusst wurden. nun weißt du bescheid.
hell ya!

Azbest said...

I'm not sure if I understand You properly (I used translator).
I early eighties term "black metal" wasn't fully developed yet. Back then even first Sodom's releases were named as black, although now it's considered thrash. But it's not very importany how You label music, quality is more important.
Anyway - thanks for comment.