Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 39 - Agressiva 69

Agressiva 69 was established in 1990. It was one of the first Polish industrial rock bands.
"Industrial Music is Dead" is compilation of remixed tracks from their third album "2,47". It was encloded to the XL magazine in april 1998.

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Agressiva 69 "Industrial Music is Dead" [1998]

01. Point of View (album version) [04:17]
02. Point of View (horizontal counterpoint mix) remixed by Nowy Horyzont and Kunst mhz [05:39]
03. Seed (lo-fi bad seed garage mix) remixed by Maciej Werk [06:04]
04. Seed (x-ray Ptah's head mix) remixed by Ptah [06:53]
05. Mrowki atakuja las (Megalips mix) remixed by Megalips [06:53]
06. Geny milczenia (gagarin 108 mix) remixed by Gagarin 108 [03:47]
07. Seed (native mutation mix) remixed by Ptah [08:33]
08. Geny milczenia (Automind and Kunst mhz mix) remixed by Automind and Kunst mhz [05:27]
09. Point of View (Sweat Disease mix) remixed by Sweat Disease [04:22]
10. Mrowki (DJ Eliot mix) remixed by DJ Eliot [05:09]
11. Mrowki (dolce & gabana house mix) remixed byDJ Shamut and DJ Wookie [07:50]
total [1:04:53]

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