Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 23.04.1987 Stockholm

Radio broadcast of first Stockholm gig (another was day after - 24.04.1987). One of the few concerts they played that year. Three song were dropped, and broadcast order was little different. Full setlist: The Singer/ I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/ Train Long Suffering/ Stranger Than Kindness/ Jack's Shadow/ Knockin' On Joe/ She Fell Away/ Long Time Man/ Your Funeral My Trial/ From Her to Eternity/ By the Time I Get to Phoenix/ All Tomorrow's Parties.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 23.04.1987 Stockholm
01. Stranger Than Kindness [04:36]
02. Jack's Shadow [05:19]
03. Knockin' On Joe [08:18]
04. Long Time Man [05:23]
05. The Singer [03:17]
06. I'm Gonna Kill Than Woman [03:54]
07. She Fell Away [04:35]
08. Your Funeral My Trial [04:33]
09. From Her to Eternity [05:11]
total [45:05]


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