Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 101 - Pieśni miłości i nienawiści

Soundtrack from polish TV performance "Pieśni miłości i nienawiści - Ballady Leonarda Cohena" ("Songs of Love and Hate - Leonard Cohen's Ballads"). Broadcasted in 1978 - Cohen's songs translated into Polish by Maciej Zembaty & Maciej Karpiński and poems recited by Roman Wilhelmi. Songs performed by: Marek Jackowski (guitar), John Porter (guitar), Jacek Bednarek (double bass), Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz (piano, vocals), Teresa Haremza (vocals), Kora Ostrowska (vocals), Elżbieta Adamiak (vocals), Andrzej Poniedzielski (vocals, guitar), Waldemar Chyliński (vocals), Maciej Zembaty (vocals).

"Pieśni miłości i nienawiści - Ballady Leonarda Cohena" ("Songs of Love and Hate - Leonard Cohen's Ballads") [1978]
01. Uliczne opowieści (Stories of the Street) [02:18]
02. Nie wolno się żegnać w ten sposób (Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye) [03:03]
03. Siostry miłosierdzia (Sisters of Mercy) [03:31]
04. Wydaje się tak dawno Nancy (Seems So Long Ago, Nancy) [04:34]
05. Historia Izaaka (Story of Isaac) [03:38]
06. Zuzanna (Suzanne) [03:21]
07. Ptak na drucie (Bird on a Wire) [04:22]
08. Dziś w nocy będzie fajnie (Tonight Will Be Fine) [02:51]
09. Niebieski prochowiec (Famous Blue Raincoat) [04:27]
10. Kto w płomieniach (Who by Fire) [05:19]
total [37:25]


Richard said...

At times like this, I wish I understood Polish...

Most of Cohen's songs sound slightly strange to a native English-speaker like myself - I suspect that many were originally conceived in French as he's a bilingual Canadian, I've heard him perform them that way and the words flow a lot better.

Azbest said...

Good point. I haven't thought about that before. Moreover - his ancestors descend from middle Europe - this probably also affected him.
For this blog first I write in Polish and later translate for English. I'm not very good in it so results may sometimes be odd.
Polish translation of this songs are rather faitful to the original but some o the beauty was lost in translation.