Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hugo Race 20.03.1996 VPRO session

Hugo Race is an australian punk blues musician. In 1983-84 He was a part of Nick Cave's The Bad Seeds. Later formed with Nick Barker and Robin Casinader great band The Wreckery. Since 1989 he plays with group The True Spirit. Under that name he recorded over dozen albums. He also plays also in such projects as Sepiatone, Transfargo, Merola Matrix and Dirtmusic.
This is short acoustic set played for dutch radio VPRO. It was 1996 and Hugo was promoting his sixth album "Valley of Light". Four tracks and interview.

Hugo Race 20.03.1996 VPRO Session, Amsterdam

01. Benzocaine [04:22]
02. Interview [08:33]
03. Valley of Light [04:11]
04. Deepfried [04:14]
05. Dirt Road [03:48]
total [25:07]


Anonymous said...

Nice one... many thanks!

Mr. Vertigo said...

Thanks a lot!!

Mr. Vertigo said...

Have you got other live records or sessions from Hugo Race, except this and Live in Monaco (2004)?

Azbest said...

14.10.2005 Melbourne and 21.02.2009 Rome

Mr. Vertigo said...

Oh, and will you be uploading them? Pleease :)

Azbest said...

I gonna post that from Rome in a few days. Melbourne one have weak sound.