Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cabaret Voltaire 25.10.1980 Berkeley

Cabaret Voltaire was established in 1973 by Richard H. Kirk, Stephen Mallinder and Chris Watson. They started as industrian outfit influenced by dada movement, Burroughs and Gysin. Their first EP "Extended Play" was released in 1978. Band's music evolved into more danceable sounds. Chris Watson left the group in October 1981 to form The Hafler Trio. Later Cabaret Voltaire started experimenting with electro and pop. Band broke up in 1994.

Cabaret Voltaire 25.10.1980 Berkeley

01. Photophobia [06:50]
02. Knel to the Boss [04:13]
03. This is Entertainment [06:56]
04. Expect Nothing [06:05]
05. No Escape [03:50]
06. Seconds Too Late [04:37]
07. Eastern Mantra [19:21]
total [51:52]


Simon said...

fucking excellent blog -you have truly cool taste in music, sir. I came for the Cab Voltaire live (which i'm loving, so thank you) and stayed for the Polish dark stuff. oh, and Godflesh live? WOOF!

Azbest said...


Novemberer said...

Excellent stuff! There simply ain't enough of this stuff on the 'net - prime period Cabs' live tapes are VERY hard to come by. I've posted a direct link to this (with due acknowledgement), hope that's OK with you? Many thanks for posting, etc...

Novemberer said...

Thanks for the kind words. This Cabs tape is honestly one of the best I've ever heard by them - any idea where it originates (i.e. was it recorded professionally, etc)? Thanks again for sharing... x

Azbest said...

It was recorded from radio broadcast. I've found it at

Anonymous said...

Here is the info that the person who put this online in the first place

Cabaret Voltaire
Oct.25, 1980
Berkeley, California, USSA

FM>master cass>cdr>EAC>TLH>Flac>?

Great Quality!

Young Marble Giants opened(do not have, I think)

I found this in the mass of cdr's/cassettes.

Ok,If you liked the first Cab seed, you'll love
this one even more.
This isn't the dance crazy pop music that I upped
last week,but still great early Cab Voltaire!

01. Photophobia
02. Kneel To The Boss
03. This Is Entertainment
04. Expect Nothing
05. No Escape
06. Seconds Too Late
07. Eastern Mantra 19:21 (my fav!)

Thanks to the SF trader who also taped the Laurie Anderson 1981 Cinema,SF show.

Torrent made by:Creatured