Thursday, July 17, 2008

Necrovore "Divus De Mortuus"

Necrovore was death metal band from Texas. They formed in 1986 so they were one of the earliest bands in the genre. Sadly band recorded only one demo - legendary "Divus De Mortuus" in 1987.
Unfortunately no label was interested in releasing their full time lp. Band dissolved in 1990.
Necrovore reformed some years ago, in original line-up. Album with their song from eighties was announced by to this day they did't released anything.
Now you can enjoy their only release: "Divus De Mortuus". Sound is little rough, but it's excellent stuff - one of the finest death metal demos. Inj my opinion it's better than Morbid Angel demos. Give it a try.

Necrovore "Divus De Mortuus" (demo 1987)

01. Mutilated Death [04:32]
02. Slaughtered Remains [04:03]
03. Divus De Mortuus [03:27]
04. Toxic Decay [05:14]
Total: [17:16]

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