Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crime & the City Solution

Crime & the City Solution was formed in Sydney 1977 by Simon Bonney. After some line-up changes band split-up.
In 1985 Bonney reformed band in Berlin. Other musicians were: Mick Harvey, Rowland S. Howard (both from The Birthday Party), Howard's brother Harry and Epic Soundtracks. They recorded some EP's and great album "Room of Light".
Crime & the City Solution's played dark postpunk influenced by blues. It could be compared to best albums of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
In 1987 Howard brothers and Epic Soundtracks left band to play in These Immortal Souls. With new musicians band recorded three more albums: "Shine", "The Bride Ship" and "Paradise Discotheque".
Crime & the City Solution split-up in 1990. After that Bonney released two solo records.
Here you have nice gig from Gothenburg, Sweden. Band was in highest form. Howard's guitar is as always groundbreaking.

Crime & the City Solution 28.11.1986 Gothenburg

01. The Coal Train [07:16]
02. Pipeline [01:06]
03. The Last Day [06:12]
04. Right Man, Wrong Man [04:21]
05. Six Bells Chime [06:11]
06. Untouchable [05:41]
07. Adventure [03:29]
08. Rose Blue [05:43]
09. Five Stone Walls [04:57]
10. No Money, No Honey [03:21]
11. Trouble Come This Morning [05:09]
total [53:28]


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Thanks, Bruce

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Great post, The Crime and City Solution were an under rated band. Rowlands guitar playing is amazing.

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Anyway you can upload this show onto mediafire or megaupload or some other file sharing site? I'd love to hear it, but i'm unable to even navigate to the fileducky site! Thanks!

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