Monday, November 19, 2007

Touch Me I'm Sick

Mudhoney need no introduction. They started in 1988 on the ruins of Green River as dirty, punky rock and roll band. Got some attention due to grunge boom in early nineties but later nearly forgotten. Hopefully they returned in 2002 with "Since We've Become Translucent".
Now after nearly twenty years they evolved into space/garage/stoner rock and still play very well. New album should be released early in 2008.
This is Seattle concert from 2004. It was Melvins 20th anniversary gig. Sound is good but suffers from occasionally dropouts.

Mudhoney 07.03.2004 Seattle

01. Mudride [06:28]
02. In and Out of Grace [05:43]
03. This is the Life [03:17]
04. Where the Flavour Is [03:26]
05. I Have to Laugh [04:37]
06. Sweet Young Thing [04:09]
07. Flat Out Fucked [02:56]
08. Our Time is Now [04:14]
09. Suck You Dry [02:26]
10. Get Into Yours [03:48]
11. Hard On for War [04:31]
12. Sonic Infusion [06:55]
total [52:30]

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