Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Miles Davis Radio Project

Miles Davis died 20 years ago...

Miles Davis Radio Project is almost 8 hour long serie of radio radio shows. Recorded in late eightes, narrated by Danny "I'm too old for this shit!" Glover.

Show 1: The Early Years 1926-1946 [57:29]
Show 2: New York to Paris and Back 1946-1955 [57:07]
Show 3: Midnight Idol 1955-1959 [57:14]
Show 4: The 1960s are Electric, 1960-1969 [57:58]
Show 5: Retirement & Rebirth, The 70s & 80s [57:18]
Show 6: Behind the Scenes with Miles Davis [56:40]
Show 7: Music Special [1:58:44]


Steve Rowland said...

This program is undercopyright by its producers. It was created by independent producers. Please remove it.

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Anonymous said...

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