Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 111 - One Million Bulgarians

One Million Bulgarians transformed from Red Star in early 1986. Although both bands have same mambers (Jacek Lang - vocals, drums, samplers; Piotr Wallach - guitars; Krzysztof Trznadel - bass) music was quite different. Red Star played punk rock, OMB were post-punk/cold wave with some industrial rock touch. First, self-titled album was recorded in 1987 but censorship blocked release of it. Shortly after Piotr Wallach left band to form Aurora. Album was eventually released in 2004 under new title "Pierwsza płyta" ("First album") with six bonus tracks (9-14 - all recorded in 1986).
One Million Bulgarians are still active but now they play different music.

Band's MySpace

Other archival recordings of One Million Bulgarians 86-87: Kaseta Stilon Gorzów C60 blog.

One Million Bulgarians "Pierwsza płyta" [1987/2004]

01. Wysadzony za wysoko [05:41]
02. Betonowe szuflady [03:38]
03. Buduję [03:19]
04. Amare [02:47]
05. Utopić [04:18]
06. Animal Love [07:32]
07. Gwiazda północy [04:27]
08. Czerwoni krzacy [00:53]
09. Czerwone krzaki [03:58]
10. Gwiazda północy [04:45]
11. Przybywa nas [04:25]
12. Popatrz mamo [02:11]
13. Ona już tu jest [03:29]
14. Antarktyda [04:38]
total [56:01]

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