Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 104 - Abaddon

It was Polish hardcore band founded in 1982 as Partyzantka miejska (Urban Guerilla). Soon after they changed name to Abaddon. In 1985 song "Kto?" was included on "Fala" compilation. About that time band played short tour in Yugoslavia. Money earned on that tour were used to finance recording session in Ljubliana. Debut album "Wet za wet" was released in 1986 on LP in France only. Polish edition waited until 1991. Abbadon split in 1987.
Band reformed in 2001 in partialy new line-up. This version released one album "Godzina krzywd" in 2004 and split up year later.

Abaddon "Wet za wet" [1986]
01. Wet za wet [02:11]
02. Boimy się siebie [02:07]
03. Apartheid [02:40]
04. Ljubjana Night [06:14]
05. Kto? [02:19]
06. Koniec Świata [02:18]
07. System [02:26]
08. III wojna [03:54]
09. Rewolucja [02:38]
total [26:45]


klancyk? said...

Byłem na koncercie reaktywowanego Abaddona. Dołożyli do pieca.

Azbest said...

A ja nawet nie słyszałem nowej płyty - chyba czas nadrobić