Friday, December 25, 2009

Rollins Band 07.12.1989 Lyon

After Black Flag's demise Henry Rollins wasn't inactive and soon gathered set of musicians. Under his name and later as Rollins Band they played stuff rooted in hard core but also influenced by metal, blues, jazz and funk.
This gig was recorded in France in 1989 on their "Hard Volume" tour. Very good versions of their originals with bunch of covers (although "Stand By Me" is very weird version).

Rollins Band 07.12.1989 Lyon
01. Lonely [05:27]
02. Burned Beyond Recognition [03:26]
03. What Have I Got [06:23]
04. Tearing [04:56]
05. Wreck-Age [05:07]
06. Out There [12:15]
07. You Didn't Need [05:30]
08. 1000 Times Blind [02:57]
09. Hard [04:20]
10. Followed Around [03:31]
11. Ghost Rider (Suicide cover) [10:15]
12. Band Introduction [01:08]
13. Black & White [03:24]
14. Do It (Pink Fairies cover) [03:37]
15. Stand By Me (Ben E. King cover) [02:40]
16. Crazy lover (Richard Berry cover) [04:27]
total [1:19:25]


Richard said...

Love it!

Thanks for providing the music to ensure my neighbours have a nice loud Christmas as payback for their poisonous brood of little shits keeping me awake last night...

Azbest said...

"hard Volume" indeed

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