Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lou Reed 08.11.1974 Chalmette

"When the show started, the band took the stage without Lou and played the intro to Sweet Jane, and Lou strolled out, his hair dyed blonde and wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt and jeans; rail thin and as pale as a vampire. Lou then tied off his arm as if he were about to shoot up....he used his microphone cable to tie off with....and produced a syringe filled with a clear liquid. And Lou proceeds to look like he is gonna really shoot up.
At this point, a huge St. Bernard Parish Sheriff's Deputy in full riot gear walked out on stage in front of Lou Reed, and faced Lou with his hands on his hips. He pointed to stage right and escorted Lou off stage. You can hear the uneasiness in the air. The band is so nervous that they go into Sweet Jane a second time but Lou Reed, upon returning to the stage, sans syringe, starts singing Vicious instead."

Lou Reed 08.11.1974 Chalmette
01. Sweet Jane [04:38]
02. Vicious Jane [03:59]
03. Vicious [06:05]
04. Ride Sally Ride [04:19]
05. Heroin [12:28]
06. Kill Your Sons [04:25]
07. New York Stars [00:44]
08. Animal Language [03:34]
09. Sally Can't Dance [04:57]
10. Walk on the Wild Side [05:47]
11. White Light/White Heat [05:10]
12. Goodnight Ladies [02:50]
13. Rock and Roll [10:05]
total [1:09:02]


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Thank You ! simple and short but sincere...

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This is fucking great!!! x