Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 76 - Kinsky

Kinsky was avantgarde metal band founded in 1992. Inspirations: Hegel, Napalm Death, Theodor Adorno, Marquez, Olaton, Slayer, Ernst Bloch, Eco, Naked City, Nietzsche, Universe Zero. Band was famous because unusual theatrical concerts. They recorded first demo in march 1992. In autumn of 1993 debut album "Copula Mundi" was recorded. It was released in december. Another demo was recorded in january 1995 and later second album. This stuff remained unreleased and band broke up. Tony von Kinsky played in Dezerter and Marchlevsky, Paulus von Kinsky in Multicide.
Their debiut is very difficult but worth listening. Mixture of grindcore, doom with some free avantgarde noodling and lyrics in English, Polish, French, German, and Latin.

Kinsky "Copula Mundi" [1993]

01. Coincidentia Oppositorum [06:15]
02. O powinnościach ludzi zamożnych [08:12]
03. Lamentabili [02:29]
04. L'Homme - Machine [02:31]
05. Opera Posthuma [04:07]
06. Histoire De L'Oeil [01:34]
07. Multiplied by Hypercube [08:46]
08. Der Mensch Ist Was Er Isst [04:46]
09. Harmonia Praestabilita [03:40]
10. Światłem ciała jest oko [05:04]
11. Mistici Corporis Christi [03:17]
12. Rectangular Seal [02:15]
13. Les Fleurs Du Mal [02:00]
14. Mediator Iscariota [02:36]
total [57:33]

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