Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 64 - Kury

Polish experimental rock band created by Tymon Tymański in 1992. First album "Kablox-niesłyna histaria" was released in 1995, second "P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S." in 1997. It was collection of ironic pastiches of popular music: rock, pop, hip-hop, reggae and country. Last album "100 lat undergroundu" was released in 2001. Band split-up in december 2003.
"Na żywo w Pstrągu" is live album with improvised, extended versions of songs from "P.O.L.O.V.I.R.U.S." and The Doors cover "When the Music's Over".

Tymon's site

Kury "Na żywo w Pstrągu" [1999]

01. Jesienna deprecha [14:14]
02. Ideały sierpnia [01:43]
03. Trygław [02:30]
04. Szatan [09:06]
05. Nie mam jaj [10:41]
06. When the Music's Over (The Doors cover) [31:52]
total [1:10:06]

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