Saturday, February 7, 2009

Morbid Angel 05.07.2008 Waldrock Festival

Morbid Angel's gig from Waldrock Festival with Dave Vincent. Vincent left band in 1996 to play in Genitortures but returned in 2004. On second guitar plays Thor Anders "Destructhor" Myhren (Myrkskog, Zyklon). Most songs are from "Covenant", two from "Domination", only one from "Altars of Madness" and one "Nevermore" from upcoming album "Isomething".

Morbid Angel 05.07.2008 Waldrock Festival

01. Rapture [05:01]
02. Pain Divine [04:30]
03. Maze of Torment [05:11]
04. Nevermore [06:12]
05. Dawn of the Angry [04:30]
06. Where the Slime Lives [05:48]
07. The God of Emptiness [04:46]
08. World of Shit (The Promised land) [04:20]
total [40:17]

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