Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 5 - Brygada Kryzys

Brygada Kryzys was founded in 1981 by Robert Brylewski (previously Kryzys, later Izrael, Armia, Falarek and hundreds of other bands and projects) and Tomasz Lipiński (previously Tilt, later Tilt). First album "Brygada Kryzys" was recorded in 1982. Due to the problems with censorship and authorities band was dissolved in the same year. Brylewski and Lipiński reunited in 1991 and recorded "Cosmopolis" album in 1992. In 1994 Brygada Kryzys break up. Reactivated once more in 2003.
Brygada Kryzys is not only one of first (and best) polish punk bands but also the biggest legend of polish underground. Their blend of punk, psychedelia and reggae is truly unique.
"Live in Remont" concert was recorded 13 December 1993. It was anniversary of Martial Law in Poland.

Brygada Kryzys Wikipedia Page (in English)
Brygada Kryzys Myspace (in English)
"To co czujesz" / "Things That You Feel" live performance (YouTube)
"Wojna" / "War" live performance (YouTube)

Brygada Kryzys "Live in Remont 13.12.93"

01. Subway Train [04:45]
02. Nie daj się / Don't Give Up [04:56]
03. Nie ma nic / There is Nothing [04:19]
04. To co czujesz / Things That You Feel [05:26]
05. Ganja [06:26]
06. Take My Hand [06:22]
07. Cosmopolis [05:18]
total [37:32]


Karlos said...

hey, it´s great ho heard BC again.
I have got their first album with star on cover.It was excellent in that times - when the communists rules in our countries
karlos,czech rep.
thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx for that tape

CresceNet said...
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