Friday, July 27, 2007

Don't Panic, We're From Poland!!! part 1 - Ewa Demarczyk

And now it's time for something completely different... I would like to introduce you to some fine Polish music. Today first single and album of Ewa Demarczyk. She is magnificent but terribly underrated singer. Astonishing, impressive voice and phenomenal interpretations. Very difficult, strange, unusual repertory of high poetic quality. Unfortunately don't have recognition She deserves.
On Prostrate before a periwinkle blog you can find another album of her - "Live 79"

“Karuzela z Madonnami” 1963

1.Karuzela z Madonnami / The Marry-go-round with Madonnas [02:07]
2.Taki pejzaż / Such a Landscape [05:03]
3.Czarne anioly / Black angels [03:42]
Total: [10:52]

These songs were later rerecorded for debut album.


“Spiewa piosenki Zygmunta Koniecznego” 1967

1.Karuzela z Madonnami / The Marry-go-round with Madonnas [02:05]
2.Garbus / The Hunchback [02:54]
3.Tomaszow / Tomaszow [04:21]
4.Grande Valse Brillante [02:05]
5.Jaki smieszny / How Funny You Are… [04:06]
6.Taki pejzaż / Such a Landscape [06:17]
7.Wiersze wojenne / War Poems [05:20]
8.Pocalunki / Kisses [04:47]
9.Czarne anioly / Black angels [04:26]
10.Groszki i róże / Sweat Peas and Roses [03:52]
11.Deszcze / Rains [05:09]
Total: [47:34]


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Czesc [sorry, I can't make the diacritics on the s and the c at the moment] Azbest,

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